Construction & Environmental Management Services

SouthernSkies provides practical, cost-effective construction environmental management support for a wide range of projects and sites. We have particular experience in infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand, but we are pleased to assist the successful delivery of projects of any size.  

Our services include:

  • Preparation of construction environmental management plans and specific management plans for a range of construction activities and effects
  • Tendering support through specimen design and costing
  • Forest environmental management plans
  • Liaison and relationship management with regulatory stakeholders
  • On-site auditing and training
  • Automated construction water quality monitoring and reporting
  • Discharge monitoring
  • Consent preparation and advice
Erosion & Sediment Control

SouthernSkies is one of New Zealand’s leading providers of erosion and sediment control services to project designers, constructors and regulators. We offer highly experienced practitioners including CPESC certified professionals. We design and manage erosion and sediment control programs for large and small projects, and through challenging terrain with highly sensitive receiving environments. Our success is seeing projects delivered on time and budget without significant off-site adverse effects. It is also recognised in various project awards received for best-practice environmental management.  

Our services include:

  • Erosion and sediment control plans including full design and implementation
  • Tendering support through specimen design and costing
  • Chemical treatment (flocculation) management plans including bench testing and site set up
  • Forest erosion and sediment control and environmental management plans
  • Erosion and sediment control performance monitoring
  • Automated construction water quality monitoring and reporting
  • As-built certification of environmental controls
  • Technical assessments and compliance monitoring for regulators
Environmental Training & Guidelines

SouthernSkies provides a full range of erosion and sediment control and construction environmental training for designers, contractors, planners and council compliance staff throughout New Zealand. We also develop erosion and sediment control guidelines for public organisations, and best practice guides and work procedures for private organisations.

  • IECA approved Erosion and sediment control one-day courses either at our central Auckland venue or at the client’s venue throughout New Zealand.
  • Courses are delivered to the specific needs of each audience e.g. designers, contractors, assessors and compliance personnel
  • On-site half-day and shorter toolbox sessions for contractors
  • Chemical treatment training including onsite establishment and management, bench testing and design
  • Forestry erosion and sediment control and NES:PF compliance for harvesters, earthworks contractors and councils
  • Support and sponsorship of council field days and industry conferences.

Our guideline design services have included:

  • Technical author of Auckland Council Guideline Document 2016/005 Erosion and Sediment Control Guide for Land Disturbing Activities in the Auckland Region (GD05)
  • Co-author of Scientific basis for erosion and sediment control practices in New Zealand; Landcare Research (2016)
  • Co-author of New Zealand Transport Agency Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines for State Highway Infrastructure – Construction Stormwater Management (2014)
Planning & Regulatory Services

SouthernSkies provides a full range of planning and regulatory services to the private and public sectors, including:

  • Assessments of environmental effects and consent applications under regional and district plans
  • Notices of requirement and outline plans of works
  • Management of specialists
  • Assessment of environmental construction design
  • Site auditing and compliance monitoring for regulators
  • Assessing and reporting on consent applications for regulators
  • Policy development
  • Expert witness services – planning and technical
  • Independent commissioner services (Michael Parsonson)
Construction Water Quality Monitoring

We provide design, installation, monitoring, management and reporting of construction water quality monitoring, based on automated and manual sampling of stream and sediment control devices. This has given us a significant insight into effective design and value-add monitoring, and our understanding of the factors that lead to maximum treatment efficiency. This enhances our approach to project design, consenting and delivery.  

These services encompass:

  • Development of consent applications and draft conditions that deliver the best outcomes for erosion and sediment control management. 
  • Preparing adaptive management plans and monitoring management plans
  • Automated monitoring the setup and maintenance
  • Remote and on-site monitoring, and trigger event sampling as required through consents. 
  • Follow-up site assessments and recommendations to improve overall site performance
  • Preparing and submission of monitoring reports to clients and regulators.